Friday, January 19, 2018

Master LEA m1 devoir maison révisions

I have finished marking your exams and I am working on your homeworks. The content is much better than the grammar! Here are some weblinks to revise and eliminate some of your favourite mistakes. (I am adding these as I go along and will be doing for a few days).

I should say, though, that knowing how to install and use automatic correction software, which corrects spelling and also most simple grammatical errors which are made carelessly, is essential. Especially if you are likely to be writing say emails in English in a professional context. I don't know about you, but if I receive an email beginning "Cher Mosieur" I do not even read the rest of it.  Both Word and Open Office have correction software in which you can select the language to be dealt with.

1) The definite article still causes some headaches. See here

2) Some are having difficulty with indirect questions. See here

3) Billions of, or just billion? and what about scores?
There is a short exercise here

4) Avoid to do or avoid doing? And structures with other verbs. Short explanation and quiz here:

5) They let them do it, they allowed them to do it, they made them do it, etc.

6) Economic? Economical? Etc.

7) Used to do ? used to doing? So much confusion! Brief explanation and quiz here.


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