Monday, April 03, 2017

Master 1 LEA the classroom test and the homework

I have started marking your work. It all has to be marked by the 15th of April for the jurys to decide if you have your year or not. I will fix a time you can look at your scripts after that. If you haven't sent me the homework, do it immediately.

From the language point of view, I will be giving on this blog some help on favourite mistakes which must be eliminated.

Saxon genitive: people are using this too much. There is a strictly limited set of circumstance when you can use it.

Personal possession "the manager's office"
Higher animals "My dog's favourite food"
Personification "London's position on the negotiations"
Shops or services "I need to go to the estate agent's"
A few particular expressions of time and distance "one hour's walk" "three weeks' holiday"

Otherwise you must not use it. So the following are absolutely impossible:
"the economy's crisis"
"the philosophy's main points"
"Policy's priorities"
etc etc 

Good luck with starting up your work placements.

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