Thursday, March 16, 2017

L3 civilisation correction DST effective and efficient

It will take me a long time to correct your scripts, because there are a lot of other things going on.

Instead of just giving corrections on individual scripts, I will also be explaining here on the blog some popular errors, so everyone can learn a bit from them. This is the twenty first century after all.

 Sometimes, it is a matter of language difficulties, and sometimes of how to do a text commentary. Of course this is assuming that you remember things about British popular culture so you have something to say.

Many students get confused between "efficient" and "effective". Of course, they both frequently translate as "efficace", but they are very different in English. Look at efficient here (you need to read the entire page)

And look at effective here (you need to read the entire page)


In general, effective means it works. Efficient  means it works AND it takes a smaller amount of energy than most other methods.

For example, if you have a mouse in your kitchen... if you explode a nuclear bomb in the kitchen, the mouse will no longer be there. Nuclear bombs are an effective solution to the problem of mice in kitchens. They are NOT however an efficient solution, because they also destroy the entire city.

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