Monday, February 06, 2017


Just like in the first semester, your module mark will be composed of two subsidiary marks. The first will be a homework assignment. This is below. Remember to re-read as if it were a professional document: the "erreur d'inattention" does not exist in a professional document. Naturally, you will use an automatic grammar and spelling checker.

The second mark will be for your classroom test, which will take place in the usual place, on Tuesday 14th March at 12.30.

Here is the homework. Watch the video on US astronauts carefully. Summarize it in 500 words, and give your opinion in 300 words. Send me the homework by mail john dot Mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr

The video is here


Do send me an email if  you have any questions.

If you asked me a question at the end of the class, remember I have already forgotten your question, unlsee you have sent me an email :=)

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