Sunday, October 23, 2016

Civilisation britannique agrégation

The British civilization classes for preparing the agrégation will be starting up on the 8th November. They will be on Tuesday afternoons. If you are a teacher and working on Tuesday afternoons, note that I will try to post the audio file on this blog after each class (but I occasionally forget). If you can team up with someone who is in the class and borrow their notes, this would be good.

The videos I have been recommending, and the chapters in the books about the 1970s are, for very good reasons, thematically based. But chronology is important too: this is why, in the classes I will be dealing with the question chronologically.

If, when watching or listening to some of the videos, you have questions which cannot be immediately solved through Google, bring them to class. It will be helpful to everyone if you have questions for me to deal with in class.

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