Saturday, August 27, 2016

Préparation agrégation anglais civilisation britannique 14

Le Royaume Uni à l'épreuve de la crise 1970-79


Most of Britain’s colonies gained their independence before 1970, although a trickle of independences continued throughout the 1970s. This does not mean that Britain’s imperial past had no more influence : debates and struggles around immigration and around racism were very much present. On the foreign policy side, the British governments of the 1970s organized fewer military interventions that in previous decades (Suez, or Kenya, for example) or in subsequent decades (the Falklands, or Iraq, for example). One of the places where Britain’s imperial past caught up with it in the 1970s, to some extent, was Cyprus. This 1984 documentary is rather long, but explains the situation well.

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