Friday, July 15, 2016

Crisis in the British Labour Party

There is an extraordinary crisis going on in the British Labour Party. You can follow political opinion on this around the internet.

From the point of view of the student of British history, it points up a long-term conflict about legitimacy in the British Labour Party. It is not just a question of being or not being democratic, it is concerned with who has legitimacy to make key decisions in the Labour Party.

The Labour Members of Parliament tend to say "we have been elected to parliament by large numbers of voters: our opinions are therefore the most important".

The Labour Party activists who campaign around political issues, and go from door to door at election time to encourage people to vote Labour, will tend to say "We do the work which allows the party to exist, and we pay monthly subs to fund the party: our opinions are the most important".

The Trade Union leaders will tend to say "The Labour Party was founded by Trade Unions in order that workers should have a political voice, and most of the money for funding the Labour Party comes from Trade Unions, just like corporate funding supports the Conservative party: so our opinions are the most important".

You can find a humorous, pro-Corbyn opinion on the crisis here:


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