Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Of course, everyone  in France who feels close to Britain was surprised by the Brexit, and probably most of them were disappointed.

In Britain, dissatisfaction with the European Union goes back many years, far further than the referendum campaign. The most audible parts of the referendum campaign underlined the "problem" of immigration from EU countries, and expressions of racism were not rare. There was also a separate, Left Exit campaign, which emphasized the neoliberal constitution of the EU and how badly the Greek people had been treated.

Since the result there have been a large number of analytical articles ranging from the serious to the superficial, with more of the latter.

I was interviewed in French on Radio Bleu Normandie here  .   I only had five minutes to explain my opinion.

There is much more to say about it: Cameron has resigned and Corbyn is faced with a major revolt of Labour MPs. Watch this space.

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