Monday, February 15, 2016

English for Master histoire: Homework

The marks for this semester, for the master histoire people, will be made up of two elements

1) This homework and

2) A classroom test in the last class.

I need to check but I think the weighting is 60/40 respectively.

Homework : watch this BBC history programme (It is episode 4 in the series).
Explain and summarize the main points of the programme in 500 words.
Then give your opinion as a viewer and as a historian in 500 words.

Send your work, as an RTF file, to me by email (john point mullen arrobaz w a n a d o o point FR )
before the 18th of April.

It is not necessary for me to say that no sentence must be copied from anywhere else (since this is against the rules of the university). In this particular case, any more than five consecutive words taken from elsewhere (without justification and referencing) will cause a serious problem.

Here is the video :

Tudor Monastery Farm: 04 - YouTube

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