Sunday, January 03, 2016

Agrégation classes 6 Jan

9h Translation class

I will give back the scripts to those of you who were present for the mock exam (concours blanc). Those of you who were not present for the mock exam must prepare this translation (I posted the passage on this blog a couple of weeks back). We will go through the mock exam, and then we will begin working on the passage from Tahar Ben Jelloum.

I am still putting together the next booklet of passages. In any case, the next passage after Ben Jelloum will be this one :


Au travail!

11h Listening comprehension

The main point is to be listening every day to radio programmes in English. Radio is much better than TV or film, since you have to get by without the visual clues. Subtitled films are not good for you at this level...

We will be listening to extracts from BBC radio 4 programmes.

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