Friday, January 30, 2009

Marks for L3 Option A Homework

I have finally finished marking your commentaries on Mrs Pankhurst's autobiography. I said I would mark them very quickly, but I marked them very slowly. Here are the marks :

Mélody 13.5
Claire 14
Lyse 13.5
Jeancèle 12
Sarah 14
S Paruta 11
S Petit 12
Gene 9
Lixing 12

I am now going to mark your exams.
I think it would be useful for you to see your papers and homeworks. I will be in my office (208) on Friday the 13th Feb from 15h to 16h for that purpose, or you can email me and make an appointment.

When I have finished marking the exams I will post the marks here, and also the overal "Moyennes".

I hope the other subjects went well for you.

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