Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cours agrégation Le Royaume Uni à l'épreuve de la crise: week three

In week three, I took us from 1968 to the end of 1970, trying to make the links between events and general currents of change in politics, society and the economy. Just a reminder that these classes are meant as a complement to the thematic documentary videos which I have been posting on this blog, and also to reading (the best books being the one edited by Gilles Leydier and the one written by Andy Becket).

At the beginning of each class there is a time for questions, so please come with questions if you can .

Here is the first part of class three, in Mp3 format.

Here is the second part of class three, in Mp3 format.

Keywords: concours agrégation, le Royaume-uni à l'épreuve de la crise, Britain in the seventies, podcast, British history, conférence, lecture.

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